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Data Service.

Streamline Your Data Operations with Proven Expertise in Manufacturing and IT

Enhance your enterprise data systems with our specialized solutions for manufacturing sites, complex organizations, and IT environments. We focus on improving data operations while providing reliable, cost-effective services.

Data Ingestions

Optimize your data collection and integration processes with our advanced data ingestion services:

  • Direct Ingestion into Data Lakes: Ingest data on-demand directly into your data lake, supporting a variety of ingestion tools.
  • Enterprise Systems Support: Compatible with major enterprise systems such as SAP, Salesforce, and C4C.
  • Manufacturing Data Integration: Handle manufacturing data (IIoT)  with support for real-time protocols like MQTT and OPC/UA.
  • On-demand Data Ingestion: Tailored data ingestion services to meet your needs with targeted lead times.
  • Tools Compatibility: We work seamlessly with Azure Data Factory, Python, Airbyte, and Fivetran.

Data Platform Operations

Ensure your data platforms are robust and reliable with our comprehensive support services:

  • Enterprise Solution Support: We maintain and support data platforms like Databricks, PowerBi, Snowflake, and Fabric.
  • Onboarding and Training: Provide uptime and facilitate user onboarding and training to maximize platform utility.
  • Expert Access: We offer direct access to expert DevOps and platform engineers whenever needed.

Data Operations

Maintain high standards of data quality and availability with our dedicated data operations services:

  • Pipeline Monitoring: Continuous monitoring and support of all your data pipeline runs.
  • Quick Intervention: Our data engineers respond swiftly to disruptions in data pipelines or breaches of data quality rules.
  • Tool Support: We support leading data orchestration tools such as Prefect, Airflow, and Azure Data Factory.
  • Expert Availability: On-demand access to experienced data engineers to assist with any challenges.

Working With Us

Assess Current Operations
We conduct a comprehensive review of your existing data resources and pipelines to establish a baseline of the current state. This helps us understand your systems and pinpoint areas for improvement.
Design the Ops Service
Based on the initial assessment, we craft a customized service proposal. This design takes into account your specific needs, processes, data teams, and the criticalities of business support, ensuring that our solution perfectly aligns with your organizational requirements.
Onboard Ops Service
We coordinate with your IT department to secure necessary accesses. Following this, we conduct targeted onboarding training sessions for your analysts and business users to familiarize them with our data service. This step ensures everyone is equipped to utilize the services effectively right from the start.


Efficient Scaling

Efficient Scaling

Enhance your analytics capabilities without proportionally increasing support tickets, incidents, or resources. At Dyvenia, we efficiently manage data operations, monitoring up to 100,000 pipeline runs per day per client with a 98% success rate, ensuring your productivity grows as your operations expand.

Cost Control

Cost Control

Build and expand your data infrastructure without the fear of unexpected costs. We provide tailored support for both cloud-based and on-premise infrastructure, ensuring cost-effective solutions. Our deep understanding of manufacturing and enterprise requirements allows us to design systems that are economically sustainable without compromising on functionality.

Strong Foundations

Strong Foundations

Develop a solid data management foundation with our expertly designed solutions. We prioritize long-term sustainability and practicality over following fleeting technology trends, ensuring that your investment remains robust and adaptable to future needs.