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Breaking Down Data Silos:
Strategies for Improved Data Accessibility to Increase Insights Velocity

An Exclusive Data Leadership Session Hosted by Alessio Civitillo, CEO of dyvenia

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Alessio Civitillo

Founder & CEO of dyvenia

Data Leadership Session: Overview

In this session, we will address the prevalent issue of data silos within organizations, understanding their origins and the challenges they pose. Alessio Civitillo, our speaker, will guide us through a thoughtful discussion on practical strategies to dismantle these barriers for better data accessibility and integration.

We’ll spend time on how to recognize the signs of data silos in your own organization and discuss the tangible benefits that come with breaking them down. The session will also include a real-life case study to provide context and illustrate the positive changes that can result from such efforts.

To conclude, there will be an opportunity for participants to engage in a Q&A, allowing for a more personalized and direct interaction, ensuring that your specific concerns and queries are addressed.

Who is this session for?

As a forward-thinking leader, you understand the strategic imperative of accurate, high-quality data and the frustration of resources wasted on inefficient systems. If you are:

  • Eager to Break Down Barriers: Ready to dismantle the data silos within your organization. You are decisive in action and want to avoid the risks of misalignment and misinformation.
  • Insistent on Quality: Data quality is a non-negotiable for your organization. You understand the need for seamless data flow and accessibility.
  • Proactive in Seeking Solutions: Not just identifying problems but actively looking for strategies and solutions.
  • A Visionary for Your Company’s Future: Seeing beyond the current state and envisioning a future of integrated data driving decisions.


If these statements resonate with you, then this Data Leadership session is for you. Engage in a high-level discussion, network with like-minded professionals, and discover actionable strategies to transform your organization’s approach to data.

What can you expect?

  • Actionable Strategies: Walk away with practical solutions and a clear action plan.
  • Direct Access to an Industry Leader: Engage with and learn directly from Alessio Civitillo.
  • Stay Ahead: Equip yourself with the knowledge to lead your organization through a digital transformation.

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Transform the way your organization handles data. Break down the barriers to success. 

Join us on this journey to seamless integration and improved data accessibility.